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Jeff Hancox

Jeff Hancox started From the Heart-Photography several years ago and is

past founder and President of Woodcox Photography Inc.

From the Heart-Photography's mission is capturing inner qualities and

beauty in a person's heart, because out of the heart flows all the issues of life.

Jeff Hancoxs first camera was his father's Polaroid Instamatic, photographing

family reunions at an early age. Jeff's photography evolved from photographing

cars,musicial arttist, models which lead him to meet Nat Brown of Nat Brown Studio.

Nat Brown was a photographer before his time. Nat was innovative, making unique

backgrounds, props,filters and more. Mr. Brown learned photography lighting and poses

by looking thru (MAIN LINE) photographer's windows at nite, because (A MAN OF COLOR)

wasn't permitted during daylight hours. Mr. Brown's training was trial and error until

his photography was perfected or what Nat called "TOP NOTCH' work.

Jeff and Nat connected. Both understanding people's mannerism, personality and posture.

Being able to just see light and how light should and would effect a person in their photograph.

The only technical knowledge Jeff has is hands on photography with Mr. Brown. Jeff's

formal training from Mr. Brown in photography is a bond of love for the Browns.

The Photography of Jeff Hancox is his years of a relationship to Nat and Elsa

Brown. The love , friendship , and kindness they shared is invaluable.The photography knowledge of Nat Brown that he has given to Jeff Hancox is a gift. Truely, to freely give to anyone

must come From the Heart.

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